This is Tactical Training we will add videos often to this area and encourage you to use this information to enhance your skill level and knowedge base in any area you feel will allow you to excel in your education and/or employment.

At a military base in Virginia, the State Department Bureau of Diplomatic Security trains the next generation of diplomatic security officers.

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Tactical Firearms Training Team (TFTT), training in 2 Man Team Tactics at the Overseas Operator Course. Produced by Fleet Combat Camera Ground Pacific 06.10.2006

Service members receive hand gun & M4 rifle training during a semi-annual field exercise designed to train personnel to operate in a combat environment.

An introductory Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) course from the S12 Premier Training Event in Nashville, TN. This is an outstanding first aid class with life saving training equally relevant to car wrecks, boating accidents and gunshot wounds.

United States Special Operations Forces (SOF) are components of the Department of Defense's United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM).

Video Review of Tactical Response's Fighting Rifle Class. This was made from the perspective of two Front Sight Alumni. So it provides a unique perspective on what to expect, and how Tactical Response is positioned relative to other shooting schools.

Concealed Carry instructors Mickey Schuch and Sang Lee teach how to shoot a pistol in this comprehensive training video. People constantly ask how to shoot better. Most of the time this boils down to a better mastery of the fundamentals: Gripping the Pistol, aligning the sights, and a smooth trigger press.

John met up with Kathryn at Governors Gun Club to diagnose her eye dominance issues which have made it difficult for her to aim. It seems Kathryn has an astigmatismand difficult focusing which causes her to see double unless she closes one eye. There are a lot of suggestions on how to fix this… some of them are bad… especially when you factor in the tactical element of firearms training. John goes over ways you can help those you know solve their eye dominance issues, and what advice to avoid.

To be effective under pressure, we need to train deliberately. Training deliberately when it comes to fighting for your life in the face of screaming bullets means practicing positions to get into that still allow you to be offensive with your bullet launcher. Here is how Zee “gets small”, deliberately. Enjoy.

How A Green Beret Sets Up His Gun Belt | Tactical Rifleman

Our highlight of the day at the Ronin Tactics Civilian CQB class. After hours of running tape drills and learning the basic fundamentals Tu and Tom begin taking students through the live fire shoot house. Mistakes were made, lessons were learned and I had an absolute blast!

Israeli Special Forces Self Defense Technique

Close Quarters Fighting | Pummeling

Rōnin (浪人) talks over (How -Tu) adapt "Silat" to Close Quarters H2H (Blade Tactics)


This video, learn how I drew from different forms and styles of martial arts to enhance my fighting during different levels of a fight. The skills here are universal from empty hands to close quarters weapons. If one wishes to be effective in the deployment of weapons, then first they must get within the effective range of that weapon.

(Lerch and Ronin) Tu Lam from Ronin Tactics - Tactical Training Discussion // RealWorld Tactical

Tactical training with Tu Lam from Special Forces, owner of Ronin Tactics (and now an operator in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare). This guy is a first class BA...

Immediate Threat CQB - ITCQB is a hybrid system, developed through time by Eli Feildboy, the founder of Project Gecko. Tight and confined spaces or L-shaped rooms can be difficult to clear with a teammate without flagging each other. In the second installment of the "Pro's guide to CQB" series, Eli talks about what we can do to prevent friendly by diving into the details of footwork, body contact and positioning in any situation.

Lucas is joined by Milspec_Mojo to run through basic carbine drills that emphasize high standards of weapon manipulation... all in one take!

Why did we do a video on the .50 caliber Desert Eagle? Because 325 grains of freedom! Why did we get footage of shooting a wall, ballistics gel and a Kevlar vest? You’re welcome. Is it tactical? No

In this video, Eli divides three of the common postures he sees often in CQB related training and breaks these downs as to what makes sense, what is not, as well is how Limited Penetration (aka slicing the pie) related postures should be conducted.

Here I’m giving you a technique on Grip and how to hold the pistol the right way.