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Saairah Global News (pronounced Saa-ir-ah) is a TV series with one on one interviews with Investigative Industry professionals who are discussing their expertise in their field. The Investigative Industry has many fields of interest and has much of the public interested in finding out just exactly how crimes are solved and what exactly goes into finding out how criminals think. Our show will answer so many questions and teach you about subject matter that you see but may not completely understand. If you have any show ideas that you feel will be great for our TV series please feel free to email us at 

Opioid Crisis- Steven Kavalkovich, Host: Kyree Moses & Darnell Sample
Saairah Global News Youth Panel Show, Host: High School Youth
Council on American-Islamic Relations Pennsylvania (CAIR-PA)- Jacob Bender, Executive Director, Host: Kyree Moses
Youth Homelessness- Gwen Bailey, Executive Director at Youth Service, Inc and
Joseph Hill-Coles, Navigator at Youth Service, Inc., Host: Kyree Moses
An In-depth Discussion on Human Trafficking- Donald DeVore, Adjunct Professor at Bloomsburg University and an Expert Witness, Host: Kyree Moses
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