Saairah Entertainment News Magazine is a interactive digital magazine that is showcases various artist work in an interactive manner. SEN Magazine is a venue to engage those who have interest in learning about music artist and other art forms from the US and Worldwide.

Saairah means “revolutionary”, “avenger”, “excited”. Saairah Entertainment News (SEN MAGAZINE) (pronounced Saa-ir-ah) is a interactive digital magazine with music professionals and other artist who will share their work, discuss their journey in the field as a artist, performer and/or music industry professional. 

At SEN MAGAZINE, we want to create a different experience when engaging in a magazine. The multiplegenre Interactive Magazine platform is to encourage our readers to have access to information in a way that will compliment busy schedules and all you to enjoy, gain knowledge and much more. Thank you for being apart of this journey and please let us know what your think of SEN Magazine.

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ISSUE FOUR, December 2019

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June 2019

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January 2021

ISSUE TWO, July 2019

ISSUE THREE, August 2019