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Forensic News Journal is a digital publication that is dedicated to inform those who have interest, who are pursuing and those who are professionals in Forensics. This publication will allow you to gain insight on how important Forensic careers are to investigating and solving crimes. In this publication you will explore the depth of how intense and extremely important Forensic work is and you will learn from those who are passionate, focused and driven to offer their professional expertise to you to help guide you on you awesome journey learning about the field of Forensics.

Forensic News Journal (PCOS EDITION) this publication will now focus on PCOS which is

Poly Cystic Ovaries Syndrome which is a disease that effects many young females and adult women in the US and around the world. The purpose of this publication is to create awareness, offer insight into new possibilities of treatments, create a resource for suffers to learn from and connect with others in order build a solid support system where people can share information and learn from one another. If you have any story ideas please email 


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