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Navy Seal Team Hand To Hand Combat Training


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US Army Hand to Hand combat training

Human weapon All in One

Dynamics Of Urban Combat & Tactical Firearms Training

Kocom's mission is to present a real world training experience utilizing real world training methods. Our training is designed to push the student beyond their physical and mental limits by emphasizing elevated levels of stress and allowing them to operate more efficiently in a fight.

We preach the "Domination Mindset" and aggressive tactics that work under stressful situations in order to help the student overcome physiological reactions during combat. Our instructors come from various backgrounds including the Military, Law Enforcement, PSD and Martial Arts. Our tactics are currently applied on the battlefield and focus on winning the fight no matter who the enemy is.

In today's world of constant conflict there are a select few who continue to place themselves in the line of fire; Law Enforcement Officers, Soldiers, Security Operatives, and Courageous Civilians. These standout individuals protect our freedom and lives as we know it. We refer to these few men as warriors. Kokoro is a powerful Japanese character used to symbolize the heart and spirit of a warrior. The embodiment of kokoro is the leading criteria that warriors have always been judged by. Kocom's training motto is "Dominate the Mind, Dominate the Fight"

How to deal with the Top 3 Most Common Street Fight/Agressive Situations with Effective Escape or Knockout Techniques!! Real World Fight Training/MMA Tutorial

Grandmaster William Cheung demonstrates how to use the Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu techniques and principles to position oneself to the blind side, deflecting the opponents force and taking control of the opponents elbow and in turn his balance are key elements to success in fighting the Wing Chun Way.

THE RECRUIT - Spy School: Inside the CIA Training Program, 1 of 2

Serena Yang produced this Spy School documentary on the CIA Training Program at the top secret military facility known as The Farm.

Pankration Greece

Russia Sambo

Eskrima Philippines

Silat Malaysia

Ninjitsu Japan

Judo Japan

USMC Martial Arts

Navy SEAL Hand 2 Hand Combat Training

The world can be a very dangerous place and former Navy SEAL and JSOC Operator Clinton Emerson wants you to be prepared. He can give you the tools to thwart the people who want to exploit you-threats to your personal safety are everywhere.

Krav Maga isreal

100-Man Kumite. Shokei Matsui

Kyokushin Kumite Training