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January/February, 2015

Children on the Battlefield:

A Look into the Use of Child Soldiers in the DRC Conflict By Judith Victoria Mwandumba

Page 5

Pakistan's Role in Post-War Afghanistan

By Shaukat Masood Zafar

Page 18

Wounded Warriors as Army Professionals and the Tension Between Selfless Service and Self-Interest

By Molly S. Boehm, JD MSW

Page 21

Mandela & The CIA Surveillance that led to his Incarceration By Chris Stevenson

Page 35

Setting the Record Straight on Iraq and the Islamic State By Patricia L Johnson

Page 41

PTSD Among Military Personnel: A Review

By Shabu Raj

Page 51

Spy Drones - Better Battery Technologies Enable Everyday Applications Including Crime Prevention

By Jan Kraska

Page 60

Arms Race, Arms Control, and the Future of Missile Defense By Kim Holmes, Ph.D.

July, 2015

Page 64

An Indepth Look into the Life of Steven Lindsay

By Sonya Trippett of Elite Investigative Journal

Page 8

The Psychology of Desire By Saberi Roy

Page 12

Ruff Justice Security: K9 Services: Proven Leader in the K9 and Security Services Industry

By Sonya Trippett of Elite Investigative Journal

Page 15

Media Law and the Rights of Women in India

By Mathew Thomas

Was the Illness in LeRoy, NY a Wake Up Call

By Chris Stevenson

Page 26

An Exclusive Interview with Stephen Richey of Kolibri Aviation Safety Research

By Sonya Trippett of Elite Investigative Journal

Page 37

Page 43

Emotional Survival

By La Mesa Police Captain (ret) Dan S. Willis

The Sensuality of Criminal Behavior

By Randy Gonzalez

Criminal Rehabilitation - Working Towards A Better Life For Inmates And Their Families

By Moses Wright

An Interview with Sound Training Group, LLC

By Sonya Trippett of Elite Investigative Journal

The Psychology of Torture By Sam Vaknin

September/ October, 2015

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Overview of the United Arab Emirates (UAE)

By David J Stone

Excessive Use of Force by Law Enforcement, Corrections, and Soldiers By Kathryn Seifert

Page 4

Social Survival Tactics in a Devolving Society

By Randy Gonzalez

Page 11

The Psychology of Leadership

By Arthur F Carmazzi

Taking Back the Jails

By Larry M. Elkin

Page 15

Page 25

A Close Look into an Amazing Career: A Noteworthy Interview with Jim Wigmore

By Sonya Trippett of Elite Investigative Journal

Page 41

The Snowden Effect and Tolerance

By Josiah Harry

Page 45

Does Crime Pay?

By Valen Cianci

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